July 1, 2009

Profile: Jill Davis

Jill Davis (front) at "Hustle Up UH" Event.

WHEN YOU see the picture of Jill Davis “hustling up UH,” you realize she is an energetic and passionate individual. She likes to attend concerts and explore the Illinois Prairie Path (to which she happens to live very close). Davis has participated in the “Hustle up UH” event sponsored by UIC Athletics and the University of Illinois Alumni Association. She also enjoys the “guilty pleasure” of watching reality TV, which she attempts to balance by being an avid reader.

DAVIS CAME to know UIC as an undergraduate student, not only attending classes but working on campus. Currently, she serves as Assistant to the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Design, Research and Exploration (CADRE). Prior to her position at CADRE, she was an Admissions Counselor in the Offi ce of Admissions.

AT CADRE, she develops a variety of skills including internal and external communications, organizing various meetings, and travel, as well as exposure to research practices and policies. “We have a great team and I really enjoy the company of my colleagues,” Davis said.

UIC HAS been an integral part of Davis’s life and Davis has been integral to UIC. She initially joined APAC because she was transitioning from being a UIC student to an Academic Professional (AP) and was looking for ways to get involved with the AP community. “APAC was just what I was looking for,” she said.

SINCE 2005, her involvement with APAC has evolved quite a bit; she now is entering her second year as APAC Secretary, and she also is one of three members of the University Senate representing APAC. During the past several years she has seen many APAC accomplishments, including the recent implementation of electronic APAC elections. Davis noted that APAC also has “increased visibility” on campus through this publication, APAC News.

ADDITIONALLY, DAVIS mentioned that the APAC Open House and Brown Bag events continue to draw large crowds due to APAC’s “commitment to provide relevant event topics” that are of interest to APs.

WHEN DAVIS reflects about the accomplishments of the past, she cannot help but be optimistic about the future, stating, “I would like to see fellow APs attending APAC meetings and joining our subcommittees this year.” She added that “any AP is welcome to volunteer on a subcommittee, and our meetings are open, so please join us.”