June 1, 2010

Profile: Michael Moss

 Michael Moss (left), with his partner Ryan.


WHEN MICHAEL Moss, Assistant Director for Costing and Analysis, Office of Grants and Contracts, Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS), thinks about what he likes most about his job he has quite a bit to say.

“THE WORK is very diverse, and I have the opportunity to work with a broad network of UIC staff throughout the various schools, colleges, and non-academic departments,” Moss noted.

HE ADDED that he also has had the chance to learn a tremendous amount about University administration and has enjoyed the opportunities for professional growth that have been provided by his position. His primary responsibilities are federal cost accounting (calculating the campus finance and accounting, fringe benefit, and tuition remission rates) and effort reporting. Many Academic Professionals are very familiar with the effort reporting process since it is completed yearly.

MOSS HAS worked for OBFS for about three years at UIC for about six and a half years. Prior to moving to OBFS, Moss worked as an Assistant Director in the Office of Student Financial Aid within Student Services. 

HE ALWAYS has been an avid volunteer, and feels APAC has provided him with the opportunity to “to contribute to others on campus through participation on the various committees, programs and projects,” he said. He has been a member of APAC for three years and has observed many APAC accomplishments. “APAC has become more visible on campus and, as a result, has been better able to reach UIC staff with programs and events,” Moss said.

SOME EXAMPLES include events to address the Civil Service audit and a recent town hall featuring University Vice President, CFO, and Comptroller Walter Knorr. Moss added that these events are largely promoted via the listserv (PACADEMY), the recently revamped website, and the “well established newsletter,” APAC News. He also indicated that he has personally been working to launch a survey of Academic Professionals (APs) and has received significant sponsorship and support from the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellors over this past year.

IN THE upcoming year, Moss would like to see a completed survey of APs. “As a result of furloughs and State budget problems, many APs have legitimate issues questions and concerns, but have lacked a unified vehicle to express them,” he said. According to Moss, the survey will “provide an opportunity to voice these issues” and he said he is hopeful that a dialogue can begin between the campus and academic staff.

AWAY FROM work, you can find Moss at the newest restaurant, technology expo, or antique store. He refers to himself as a "foodie" as he loves to cook and try new restaurants. He loves it so much that he is a member of two dinner clubs that meet monthly. Moss also considers himself a “technology and gadget geek,” saying “if it's new and has buttons, I want it.” Additionally, he enjoys antique and thrift stores and collecting vintage and retro glass. These activities are shared with his partner, Ryan. They recently celebrated their 12-year anniversary. The couple met while Moss was in college at Wichita State University and moved to Chicago together seven years ago.

--Ivone De Jesus