September 24, 2012

APAC Member Jacqueline Berger to Receive Award of Merit

Jacqueline Berger.
JACQUELINE BERGER, longtime APAC member and one of only three members of the University Senate representing Academic Professionals, has been chosen to receive an Award of Merit from the University at its Employee Recognition Program Nov. 1 at the UIC Forum, Roosevelt Road at Halsted Street.

BERGER IS Director of Communications for the Vice Chancellor for Research, and is on the Building Community/Education Committee for APAC.

“RECEIVING THE Award of Merit came as a great surprise and is a great honor, but it is the strong network of colleagues I have developed over the years that has helped me be successful in my job,” Berger said.

AN AWARD of Merit is presented to chosen Academic Professionals and support staff for overall excellence in all aspects of work performance; consistent delivery of user-responsive service; creativity in problem solving and initiative; commitment to individual development and fostering growth; promotion of morale by leadership, teamwork, and enhancing work environment; and sensitivity to diversity and affirmative action accomplishments

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