September 24, 2012

Visiting AP Position Search Requirements Told

REVISIONS TO the hiring process for visiting Academic Professional (AP) positions (Human Resources’ Policy No. 203-02) went into effect Aug. 16.

IN ORDER to fill vacant or new visiting positions or extend appointments for existing visiting positions beyond the three- and five-year time limits, a unit is required to submit a position job description to Human Resources (HR) for review and approval. HR's review serves to ensure UIC's compliance with State Civil Service laws and requirements of the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS). Once the job description is approved, a unit is required to conduct a search pursuant to the academic search process, or "standard search."

FROM TIME to time, rare circumstances exist that make it permissible to forgo a standard search.  While circumstances must be evaluated on a case by case basis, the following are some examples of such circumstances:
  • Grant Funded Positions: When an individual is named in an externally funded grant.
  • Promotion - Transfer - Rehire: When a current, or former, AP staff member best qualifies to fill the vacancy.
  • Previous Search: When a qualified candidate is available from a previous search for a similar position.
  • Groups: When groups of employees join the campus work force by institutional decision, e.g., a previous State program becomes a UIC program or hires pursuant to the Chancellor's Cluster Hire initiative.
  • Reorganization: When a unit undergoes administrative reorganization or reassignment.
  • Spousal/Partner Hires: When a spouse or partner is appointed to an AP position for which he or she is qualified.
  • Sponsored Funding Restoration: When an employee is involuntarily terminated from a sponsored program due to lack of funds, the funds are shortly restored, and where the employee would return in the same position.

The Office of Access and Equity and HR recognize the importance of quickly and efficiently filling visiting appointments that are grant funded. HR continues to create and implement job descriptions that fall within a Civil Service exemption and which may be utilized by hiring departments to swiftly move the HR job analysis process. The template job descriptions alleviate a department's responsibility for drafting and receiving HR approval for new job descriptions for every visiting AP position. 

OAE WILL maintain its search waiver process. If an individual is named in an externally funded grant, a unit should submit a search waiver to OAE explaining that the individual to be appointed is named in the grant. OAE will continue to process such requests within 24 - 48 hours from receipt of the required documentation.

HIRING OFFICERS should consider whether the University's interests are best served in foregoing the standard search process. Waiver of all or part of the regular search process is appropriate in situations where it can be amply demonstrated that the investment of time and effort in a search is simply not in the University's best interests.

THE SEARCH waiver process is not burdensome or time consuming. A unit simply submits a Request for Waiver form to OAE along with supporting documentation, including the candidate's or employee's CV or resume; the detailed reasons for the request, including but not limited to the employee's skills and backgrounds as well as departmental needs for the request; and the HR approved job description (or PAPE, if applicable). 

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