May 25, 2017

APAC Vice-Chair Honored

APAC’s Ahlam Al-Kodmany, receiving an award
from Congressman Danny K. Davis.
AHLAM AL-KODMANY, PhD, Vice-Chair of APAC, Chair of the CAPE (Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence) Award Committee, member of the University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (UPPAC), and Administrative Director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center, was named an Outstanding Woman of Excellence by Chicago’s 7th Congressional District Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force in a ceremony earlier this year.
ESTABLISHED IN 2010 by Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-7th), the task force and its annual awards gala is a community initiative to recognize women from different ethnic backgrounds who have made significant contributions to their respective fields and communities.
AL-KODMANY, WHO is Palestinian-American, is one of 15 women recognized by the task force in 2017 for her exemplary service in the community and for being a role model to all women.
“I AM grateful to Congressman Davis and Dr. Robert Winn [Associate Vice Chancellor, Community Based Practice}, who epitomize and embody the essence of multi-culturalism and diversity, and who provide women like me a space to thrive,” Al-Kodmany said. “As an institution for the public, our ability to come together to build relationships around our strengths instead of barriers that isolate and extinguish hope are what make the UI Cancer Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago a multi-ethnic force to reckon with.”
AL-KODMANY HAS worked at UIC for 28 years and was named administrative director of the UI Cancer Center in 2016.

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