May 25, 2017

APAC Lineup Set

WITH SEVERAL members’ terms up in the spring, APAC has a slightly new lineup of committee members.

JOINING THE representatives is Stacey Valuch, Project Manager, Academic Computing and Communications Center. Her term is three years long.

RE-JOINING THE committee for new three-year terms are Nester Komolafe, Contract Coordinator, Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) Purchasing; and Julie Kong, Director of Research Services, School of Public Health.

LEAVING THE committee is John Brach, Director of Human Resources, Institute for Health Research and Policy.

THREE SENATORS represent APs in the University Senate. The term of Marelet Kirda, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research, ended in 2017.

JOINING THE Senate for a three-year term is Kathleen H. Stauffer, Assistant Dean for Administration, Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement and Urban Planning and Public Affairs.

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