May 25, 2017


New APAC member Stacey Valuch.
Stacey Valuch Joins APAC

ONE OF the newest members of APAC is Stacey Valuch (pronounced “Val-uk”), Project Manager, Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC).

“I DECIDED to join the APAC Board because I have a genuine interest in contributing and staying up-to-date with AP-related topics, and wish to help keep others informed as well,” Valuch said.

“MEMBERSHIP ON the APAC Board allows me an opportunity to speak up for my fellow APs - keeping our best interests in mind - to help make sure that we are represented in decisions made by UI system leadership.  It also allows me to be a part of conversations that have a direct effect on APs, because we are a great part of the contributions to our organization”, she explained.

VALUCH HAS worked in ACCC for a year and a half, and previously had worked in UIC Human Resources for a year.

“IN MY current role, I facilitate the project management lifecycle for ACCC projects,” she said. “This includes, among other things, the work to initiate a new project, plan out the tasks related to the project, coordinate the efforts to keep the work on track, and coordinate the project resources, including a continuous review of risks, team members, budgets and overall communication” she said.

A CERTIFIED Project Management Professional (PMP), Valuch has previously been a Project Manager and Lead Global Business Analyst for Kellogg Co.; Business Operations Analyst and Project Lead for DeVry University; and an Education Manager and Training Specialist for SAP Fieldglass.

“OUTSIDE OF work, I enjoy trying out new BBQ recipes with my husband and an occasional evening of karaoke,” she concluded.

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