May 25, 2017

Staff Mentor Program Can Promote Career Growth

UNDER THE auspices of UIC Human Resources’ Organizational Effectiveness, UIC’s Staff Mentor Program can promote career growth at the University by fostering supportive relationships for the sharing of knowledge, experience, and organizational insight. The program is open to Academic Professionals and Civil Service employees.

IN THE program, mentees are paired with mentors whose experiences align with the mentees’ career goals. Mentors provide support, advocacy, and insight to help the mentees navigate the campus’s organization, solve work-related challenges, and progress toward professional objectives.

THE PROGRAM creates opportunities for professional development for both mentors and mentees. The mentor relationship strengthens organizational savvy and engagement beyond the scope of other workplace training or coaching activities and helps to build a more supportive and progressive campus community.

DESIGNED TO support mentor-mentee pairs for a year (although many pairs continue their relationship beyond that time), the program provides:
  • Campus-wide open application for both mentors and mentees;
  • Goal-oriented mentor and mentee pairing;
  • Learning events and webinars;
  • Guides and resources to support productive relationships; and
  • Coaching and assistance for mentor pairs. 
THE FOCUS in 2017 is to grow program participation and increase the number of program liaisons available to provide practical support to mentor pairs.

MENTEES, MENTORS, and program liaisons are needed.

MENTEES GAIN valuable insight to help develop confidence and competence as well as guidance to help identify and pursue career opportunities at UIC.

MENTORS ASSIST mentees as they establish themselves in an organization, and may enhance a mentee’s career through sharing organizational knowledge; communicating and discussing an organization’s focus, initiatives, and changes.

A PROGRAM liaison is assigned to promote a successful year for each mentoring pair. Liaisons can help with logistics, and advise on approaches to meetings and communication.

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