June 28, 2012

State Cuts University Appropriation 6%, MAP Grants 4%

Students protesting proposed MAP grant cuts.
THE UNIVERSITY’s and Illinois Connection’s legislative advocacy objectives this spring were to minimize cuts in the State’s direct appropriation to the University and to hold the line on cuts to the student Monetary Assistance Program (MAP), which also provides funding to the University by helping students pay their University bills. 

THE UNIVERSITY’S appropriation from the State was cut by 6.17%. 

MAP GRANTS were funded at $371.3 million. This is a reduction of nearly $15.4 million (4%) compared to the initial Fiscal Year (FY) ‘12 funding levels, despite record demand in the state for need-based student assistance.  It is 8% below the FY ‘11 appropriation.  It is unclear at this point how MAP grants will be affected in FY ‘13, but initial indications are that each grant could be reduced by 1% to 2%.

“GIVEN THE State’s financial position, the University came out better than some had forecast earlier in the year,” said Amy Eichhorst, Vice President, Illinois Connection.

ILLINOIS CONNECTION is the grassroots advocacy network for the University.

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