May 3, 2011

Tomeiko Sewell Joins APAC

New APAC member Tomeiko Sewell.

By Ivone De Jesus

TOMEIKO SEWELL serves as Real Estate Specialist for the University Office of Capitol Programs and Real Estate (UOCPRES). For the past six years, she has worked with the University handling all real estate related matters for various departments and colleges campus wide. Many of these units have various leasing and space needs, and it is Sewell’s job to execute them. Her responsibilities are expanding as office personnel retire and as the office works toward ensuring they meet the needs of the campus entities.

PRIOR TO joining the campus, Sewell worked as a real estate paralegal, but wanted to venture into property management. “I never expected to find this opportunity at a University, but I am glad I did,” she said. “I love that every lease is different, being that each unit has different needs.”

WHILE HER involvement with APAC has been rather recent, Sewell always has followed the events via the APAC website and e-mail. She stated, “I am proud of their [APAC’s] ability to be a voice for the APs and their ability to engage and inform them across campus by hosting various events that are specific to our concerns.”

AS A newly appointed member she is looking forward to working with APs and possibly with the Communications or Building Community Committees. “I would like to help out wherever possible to see that we are of service to our colleagues.”

SEWELL HOPES to be able to reach more APs on campus and form more alliances with a broader scope of people. “We are dealing with various compelling issues and this is the time that we can engage the masses,” she noted. With that said, she also wants to work in engaging more APs within her department and others who work in close proximity.

IN HER spare time she loves to read novels and watch movies. Sewell is very active in her church and volunteers with the youth groups in various Chicago-land communities. She is married and has two sons Jordan (11) and Jason (2).

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