May 25, 2017


UIC Police Committed to Your Safety

THE UIC Police Department is a full-service, fully sworn police force of officers with arrest powers throughout the State of Illinois. The department works closely with Chicago Police and other municipal departments, as well as federal, state, county, and other public safety agencies. They operate 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. 

IN FULL partnership with the University and its surrounding communities, the department is committed to the safety and security of the campus and its neighborhoods, to create the most enriching academic environment and quality of life for all UIC's staff, students, faculty, and visitors.

THE DEPARTMENT’S Vision Statement says: “We will strive to empower and develop our sworn officers and civilian support personnel to achieve excellence through respect, service, preparedness, engagement, communication, and trust. Our commitment to transparency, community policing, collaboration, innovative practices and on-going training will ensure the highest professional standard of public safety service. Our goal is to foster safety and security and create an environment for continuous growth and intellectual advancement for all.”

CALL UIC POLICE whenever you see or suspect a crime has occurred or that a potentially dangerous situation is developing.

WE CANNOT be a successful organization without assistance from the community, so please report any suspicious activity or persons to the UIC Police Department immediately,” said Kevin L. Booker, Chief of the UIC Police.

A BICYCLE Registration Program also is run by the UIC Police. Its purpose is to increase campus community awareness of the problem of bicycle theft and encourage the registration of as many bikes as possible to facilitate the recovery of stolen bicycles. Bicycles are registered through the community relations unit. To register your bike please go to To inquire about a stolen bike, call the UIC Police Department. 

TO CONTACT the UIC Police, in an emergency, dial 5-5555 from a landline or (312) 355-5555 from your cellphone. In a non-emergency situation, dial (312) 996-2830. The TDD number is (312) 413-9323.

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