October 25, 2011

Call for Nominations:
ARR Human Capital Strategy Advisory Teams

THE ACADEMIC Professional Advisory Committee (APAC) is soliciting nominations from UIC's Academic Professionals to serve on the Administrative Review and Restructuring (ARR) Human Capital Strategy Advisory Teams.  Of the nominees, two candidates will be selected to serve.  If you are interested, please see below for more information or click here to submit your nomination: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/5745206

VIRTUALLY EVERYONE is a stakeholder in a human capital strategy.

HUMAN CAPITAL Strategy: How will we secure, manage, and motivate a workforce that can execute the University strategy?  Optimal HR performance requires strategic alignment.

THE UNIVERSITY of Illinois is a major employer. Of our total operating budgets, we invest the majority in personnel costs, our human capital. Yet, we lack a comprehensive human capital strategy to guide that investment and ensure optimal performance of our human resources and of our Human Resources organizations. The development and implementation of a human capital strategy will provide for more efficient achievement of University strategy, would be essential to greater alignment and greater effectiveness between University strategy and HR service delivery, and will address the void that currently exists.

THE ADVISORY teams will provide input to the project team in its formulation of a human capital strategy. The advisory teams also will be actively involved in the development of the strategy.  The human capital strategy will cover academic professionals and civil service employees (open range, technical, trades, clerical, etc.).

NOMINEES WILL ideally have knowledge or experience in talent management (career planning/development, workforce development), performance management (competencies, performance appraisals, discipline), and/or professional development (educational programs/workshops, job shadowing, management assessments, mentoring/coaching).

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