October 25, 2011

The Continuing Crisis

Editor’s Note: “The Continuing Crisis” is a section of APAC News which links to news pertinent to the state budget crisis and other financial matters as they affect the University and Academic Professionals. These news outlets are not affiliated with or endorsed by APAC.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY likely to examine pension issues in fall veto session, said NIU Today on Oct. 7. See http://www.niutoday.info/2011/10/04/pension-issues-likely-to-resurface-in-veto-session/.

STATE NEWSPAPERS, Associated Press join together for series on unpaid bills. See http://www.news-gazette.com/news/politics-and-government/2011-10-21/state-newspapers-ap-join-together-series-unpaid-bills.html. "Deadbeat Illinois: The Painful Price of Unpaid Bills" is a joint project by the Associated Press and its members across Illinois. The goal is to highlight the State's decision not to pay its bills on time and to examine the extent of the impact of that decision. The opening piece looks at how Illinois turned the delay in payment from the exception to the rule. State universities are dealing with chronic late payments. Tuition has been on the rise at all the State universities; here's a chart showing the increase in the past five years and here's a chart showing how much they're owed by the State.

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