June 15, 2016


Tiffany Raber, with one of her award-winning works of art-
a self-portrait done in ink pen on grey art board.
Tiffany Raber Illustrates a Clearer Picture of APAC
TIFFANY RABER, who is working on her MFA in Biomedical Visualization at the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, is APAC’s graduate assistant. In this role, she is required to “wear many hats, based on need,” she noted.

RABER CREATES documents for the APAC monthly meetings, including the agenda and minutes, and monitors the PACADEMY listserv. “When needed, I also work with the APAC website and assist APAC with basically anything they could use an extra hand with,” she said. “I’m here to act as an extra resource for anybody related to APAC.”

ONE OF her goals is to “help spread the word about APAC to more Academic Professionals, and even students,” Raber said. “This is a great organization and also very beneficial. I would like to be the main source of communication who helps make others more aware of the benefits of APAC. I plan on doing this by helping with marking visuals including the website, flyers, logos, and more.”

BIOMEDICAL VISUALIZATION, traditionally termed medical illustration, is a niche professional field with a broad spectrum of possible concentrations. A biomedical visualization professional is responsible for creating scientifically accurate visuals to help with better comprehension of a difficult scientific and/or medical concept. “Thanks to technology, this can be communicated by pencil and paper, animation, 3D modeling, and even virtual reality,” Raber explained.

“MY GRADUATE degree program is very intensive and doesn’t allow me to deviate from my studies often,” Raber said. “But one interest I cannot give up is working out. I have been an athlete my entire life and ran Division I track and field—400-meter hurdles—in college. Almost every morning I work out bright and early to allow myself some ‘me time’ before beginning the day.”

RABER EARNED a BS in Biology and a BFA in Drawing from Ball State University in 2014. To contact her, email traber2@uic.edu.

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