June 15, 2016


Be a Mentor or Mentee
APPLICATIONS FOR the 2016-2017 Staff Leadership Mentor Program (SLMP) are being accepted now until Friday, June 24, at http://go.uic.edu/slmp through UIC Human Resources.

THE STAFF Leadership Mentor Program is a structured mentorship program that matches mentors and mentees and provides guidance and support over the course of a year. This program develops the careers of individual employees and strengthens UIC's organizational continuity through knowledge-sharing and employee engagement.  All Academic Professional and Civil Service employees are welcome to participate in the mentoring program as a mentor or mentee, or both. About 60 minutes a month is all it takes to keep your skills fresh and to help yourself and others grow.

VISIT THE website  http://go.uic.edu/slmp to apply, to get more details about SLMP, or to peruse mentoring resources.

THE UNIVERSITY gets more mentee applications than mentor applications. You do not have to be an expert with many years of experience to share your knowledge, experiences, and guidance. If you have been in your field for two or more years, please consider being a mentor.

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