June 15, 2016

How Higher Education Improves the Economy

WHY IS it a good investment for the State of Illinois to fund its institutions of higher education, including UIC? The State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) provides some talking points that we all can use when advocating for higher ed and UIC with our State Representatives, State Senators, and Governor Bruce Rauner, or when making to case to friends, neighbors, or anyone on why the State of Illinois should adequately fund higher education. 
  • Businesses look for and locate in communities that have quality higher education opportunities.
  • Often the institution of higher education is the communitys largest employer.
  • Higher education employees purchase or rent housing; and employees purchase goods and services locally, supporting employment in grocery stores, restaurants, home repair businesses, gas stations, mom and pop stores, and on and on and on.
  • Universities contract out in their local areas for a variety of products and services (construction projects, printing services, food venders, etc.) providing employment in local communities.
  • Higher education employees pay taxes to support local governments, public schools, police and fire services, snow removal, etc., generating jobs in local communities.
  • Students graduate and often locate in the community. Some of these educated individuals create small businesses; and as these businesses grow, they hire additional employees.
UIC EMPLOYEES are urged to do what they can to increase public awareness of the importance of higher education to Illinois and to local communities within the State, and to advocate for higher education funding wherever possible.

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