September 24, 2012

APAC Profile

Advocating for the UIC College of Dentistry with Federal officials is one of Bill Bike’s jobs at UIC. Here, Bike (2nd from left) meets with Senator Richard Durbin (left) and then-Senator Barack Obama. At center is Bike’s wife, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, and next to Obama is Pam Svensson.
Dentistry’s Bill Bike Serves APAC in Variety of Roles
By Ivone DeJesus

WILLIAM S. BIKE is the Director of Advancement and Alumni Affairs Communications for the College of Dentistry. Since Bike has been at UIC for 17 years (all of those at the College of Dentistry), many people are quite familiar with him and his work. Speaking from my own personal experience, Bill Bike has been a mentor, motivator, and a champion for APAC issues.
BIKE STARTED out as the Editor of the College of Dentistry’s alumni magazine, Vision, writing fundraising proposals, Annual Fund letters, and stewardship letters. Many other duties have been added since then. He enjoys the variety his position offers: from being the Dean’s Liaison to the Webmaster at the College of Dentistry, being in charge of the College’s Facebook page, having the opportunity to lobby Federal officials on behalf of the Dean and the College, being a member of the College’s Alumni Association Board of Directors and its Nominations Committee, keeping the College’s photo and historical archives, to being editor of another College of Dentistry magazine, Word of Mouth. He edited a textbook, The Dentofacial Complex; a biography of a faculty member, Essays on Earl Renfroe; and currently is writing a history of the College for its Centennial.

DESPITE ALL these responsibilities, Bike still had a desire to further contribute to the campus. When APs first were allowed to elect Academic Professionals to the University Senate seven years ago, he ran and won. “I felt that my being a Senator would help the College’s publications, because I would learn more about the whole University and would be able to use that information in my publications,” he said. “Being an AP Senator means you are automatically a member of APAC, and I’ve enjoyed it so that’s been an added benefit.”

OVER THE years, Bike has seen firsthand the many successes of APAC. He reflected, “As the State has cut the University budget and threatens to cut our pensions and benefits, and as the Illinois Civil Service Commission attempts to turn as many AP jobs into Civil Service positions as they can, APAC has taken the lead in informing APs about everything that is going on, through Brown Bag sessions and through APAC News. Without APAC, many APs wouldn’t know the facts about these situations. APAC not only informs them, but inspires them to do something about these situations, too.”

ONE OF the next issues he hopes APAC can tackle is the delay from University insurance plans in paying employees’ medical bills. Bike encourages everyone to read APAC News as these types of issues are covered, helping employees receive useful information. When reflecting on APAC overall, he talks about members being “really active and committed” and finding the “time to serve even though everyone at UIC is busy.”  While this is certainly true, many of them took the time to provide some insight on Bike and his work on APAC:

“IN MY opinion, UIC is very lucky to have Bill,” said Michael Moss, APAC Chair.  “He has been one of the hardest working and most dedicated APAC members I’ve known. He takes the lead on every issue of APAC News, he actively works on the UIC Senate to represent AP issues and concerns, and he has been coordinating the annual CAPE awards for the past few years. He works hard to help our community, and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks!”

“BILL IS always willing to go the extra mile and extend a helping hand to whomever needs it,” said Jacqueline Berger, University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee Representative and a fellow AP Senator. “Originally elected as one of three AP senators, Bill quickly jumped in and assumed other roles on APAC including the newsletter, helping to bring news relevant to APs into the campus spotlight. He genuinely enjoys his job and the people he interacts with and his enthusiasm is infectious. His pride in UIC is evident in everything he does.”
FORMER APAC Chair Holly Ann Burt said, Bill is a diligent, dedicated, and delightful person with whom I have enjoyed working. His devotion to the APAC News has taken communication of UIC AP concerns to a new level and his contributions are deeply appreciated.

HIS FELLOW College of Dentistry colleague on APAC, Treasurer Virginia Buglio, said, “Bill Bike is a committed and valuable participant on the APAC committee. He has contributed his time effortlessly to APAC as the Chair of Communications and Chair of the CAPE Award Committee and has served on the University Senate. Bill is all about communication and he does a great job getting that information out there to our academic community through the APAC News.” 

OUTSIDE OF UIC, Bike enjoys playing softball, his antique 1948 Dodge car, politics, and writing.  In fact, he wrote a political science book, Winning Political Campaigns. “It’s a how-to on all aspects of political campaigning,” he said. As someone who is politically active, Bike urged everyone to “try to do what they can to get candidates elected this fall who care about higher education and the University. On your own time, of course!”

BIKE’S WIFE is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, an artist, writer, public relations professional, and astrologer. She recently wrote an astrology book called Follow the Sun. They enjoy spending time with each other and their cat, Louis.

AS I write one of my last APAC News profiles, I am honored to be able to feature Bill Bike. Having been at UIC for eight years, I wanted to find ways to be involved on campus. APAC provided opportunities to give back despite my busy schedule. My involvement with APAC has primarily been working under Bill for the APAC News. After receiving a t-contract last year, I was thankful to have him forward job announcements and serve as a mentor in many regards. People like Bill make UIC a place where you can grow, learn, and contribute. Thank you, Bill, for the opportunity to serve APs through writing these profiles, as I have been able to learn about the amazing individuals who make up our campus. I encourage everyone to attend the next APAC meeting and meet Bill Bike, one of UIC’s not-so-hidden treasures! 

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