November 9, 2015

Nominate for Honorary Degree; AP Chair of Process

(Photo courtesy UIC Photo Services)
Journalist Maria Hinojosa (center) received an
Honorary degree from UIC earlier this year.
ACADEMIC PROFESSIONALS may nominate someone for a UIC honorary degree. Nominations are due Tuesday, Dec. 1. Any submitted after that date will be considered for the next year.

AN HONORARY degree may be awarded for contributions to the scholarly or professional world, to public service, or to UIC’s achievements and the ideals of its missions of teaching, research, service, and economic development.

NOMINEES CAN be persons of national or international renown in or outside official academic disciplines. Some relationship with UIC is desirable but not required.

THE APPROVED guidelines for awarding honorary degrees at UIC, including eligibility criteria, nomination procedures, process and timelines can be accessed at:

THE UNIVERSITY Senate External Relations and Public Service Committee examines honorary degree nominations before sending qualified nominations to the full Senate. At its last meeting, the committee named APAC member and AP Senator William S. Bike as Chair of the Committee.

“I AM honored that faculty and students on the committee put their trust in me and named me Chair,” Bike said. “This is a great distinction for Academic Professionals.

BIKE ADDED, “While honorary degree nominations often come from faculty, there is no reason an Academic Professional cannot nominate a worthy individual for this highest of University honors. In fact, we’re hoping for more nominations from APs and faculty.”

FOR MORE information, contact Elizabeth Dooley, Clerk of the Senate, at or (312) 995-2926, or Bike at (312) 996-8495 or

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