September 1, 2010

Survey Success

The ability to fill it out online made it easy to respond to the APAC survey. (Photo by American Association of Dental Editors.)

UNDER SPONSORSHIP provided by the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, and the Executive Assistant Vice President for Business & Finance, APAC conducted a survey of Academic Professionals to capture matters of interest and concern to AP staff. The survey launched on Monday, July 12, and closed five weeks later on Monday, Aug. 9.

MORE THAN 1,200 employees completed the survey, which is approximately one-third of UIC’s Academic Professional staff. The goal of the survey is to create a reliable pool of information that can be used to inform campus decisionmakers on matters that impact Academic Professional staff. Further, the information will be used by APAC to shape future programs, events, and other related efforts.

RESULTS WILL be rolled out to the campus in the coming months, and APAC will provide additional details as they become available.  

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