August 24, 2011

Chancellor Names New APAC Rep

Monica M. Rausa Williams now is Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares’ liaison to APAC.

MONICA M. RAUSA WILLIAMS, Assistant to Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares, has been named the Chancellor’s Representative to APAC.

“THE CHANCELLOR understands how important APs are to UIC,” Rausa Williams stated. “In order to help facilitate communication and share information, she wanted a liaison with APAC and the Chancellor’s office. I eagerly accepted this role! I will be attending all of the APAC meetings, providing updates, answering questions and making sure the concerns and issues raised are communicated to the Chancellor. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to open the lines of communication, especially during these difficult times, to make sure the voice of APs are heard. I also welcome the opportunity to be more involved with APAC as this committee sponsors so many important activities that support and inform APs about all different aspects on campus (and the University).”

TO CONTACT Williams, Call (312) 413-3350 or e-mail

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