February 20, 2012

Governor Reiterates Desire for Pension Reform

Governor Patrick Quinn called for pension reform in his State of the State address.

ILLINOIS GOVERNOR Patrick Quinn delivered his State of the State Address early in February. The full text of his speech is available here: http://wuisnews.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/text-of-governor-quinns-state-of-the-state-speech/.

IT INCLUDES the following comments on pension reform:

“SUFFICE IT to say, we must have Medicaid reform and public pension reform in the coming year. We took the first step on pension reform in 2010 when we enacted landmark changes that will save taxpayers billions of dollars. But there’s much more to do. Fixing the pension problem will not be easy, but we have no choice. We must do it together in a way that is meaningful, constitutional, and fair to the employees who have faithfully contributed to the system. That’s why I’ve assembled a pension working group to propose a solution that can be enacted this year.”

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