October 2, 2013

UIC Human Resources Launches New Website

THE NEWLY designed UIC Human Resources website may be accessed at http://hr.uic.edu. The reorganization and redesign was performed to make it easier to locate and access information, forms, policies and procedures related to Human Resources functions. Incorporating feedback from focus groups, site users, and employees, the new site is intended to provide users with an improved experience when visiting the website.

DESIGNED TO allow quicker response times to user needs, the site is built on a flexible content management engine so as to be easily updated. In addition, a feedback form has been integrated throughout the site. With a single click from any page, site users may offer comments, recommend changes, or request additional information. The feedback link will allow UIC Human Resources an opportunity to more easily communicate with employees.

CONCEIVED AS a single point of reference, the new website provides information alerts, timely articles, and links to Human Resources services. It can be used for obtaining information for exploring benefits, updating personal information, starting a new job, or hiring new staff,. The new website also will provide updates regarding changes to policies and procedures, new training opportunities, and insight into University human capital practices.

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