March 31, 2015


EHSO Helps Keep Campus Environmentally Safe
THE ENVIROMENTAL Health and Safety Office (EHSO) performs a variety of functions important to Academic Professionals.

EHSO MONITORS campus facilities for compliance with safety standards and laws related to radiation, chemicals, laser use, hazardous materials, fire codes and safety, air quality, the hospital, sanitation, blood borne pathogens, biological safety, occupational safety, laboratory safety, laser safety, general safety, and chemical disposal.

IT PROVIDES training, consultation, inspections, and education. The office offers safety training and an annual refresher course for those working with radioactive materials, and provides guides for new laboratory researchers, laboratory moves, office safety, and many other topics.

EHSO ALSO runs an ambulance service and provides standby medical service at campus events, employing students who are State-licensed emergency medical technicians. “We train over 160 medical technicians a year,” said Richard D. Anderson, Director of EHSO.

FOR MORE information, call (312) 996-7429; in an emergency, call (312) 996-7233; for the ambulance, call UIC Police at 5-5555; log on to; or email

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