April 7, 2017


Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change image
Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change Provide Services
UIC OFFERS a variety of Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change that provide services for staff, faculty and students. See go.uic.edu/ccusc.

THE AFRICAN American Cultural Center showcases cultural research, art exhibits, programming, and community outreach. 209 Addams Hall, (312) 996-9549, aacc.uic.edu.

THE ARAB American Cultural Center promotes the social well-being of Arab American staff, faculty, and students. (312) 996-5040, http://arabamcc.uic.edu/

THE ASIAN American Resource and Cultural Center offers social, cultural, and educational programs and mentoring. 101 Taft Hall, (312) 413-9569, http://aarcc.uic.edu/.

THE DISABILITY Resource Center offers activities, services, and resources for those with disabilities. 1190 Student Services Building, voice phone (312) 413-2183, video phone (773) 649-4535, http://drc.uic.edu/.

THE GENDER and Sexuality Center is one of the reasons UIC is among the nation’s top 50 campuses for the LGBTQ community. The center provides education, research, and outreach on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. There also is consultation available for employees. 1180 Behavioral Sciences Building, (312) 413-8619, genderandsexuality.uic.edu.

THE RAFAEL Cintron Ortiz Latino Cultural Center promotes educational, cultural, and social programs. There is an annual film festival and weekly events that range from poetry to dancing. Lecture Center B2, (312) 996-3095, latinocultural.uic.edu.

THE WOMEN’S Leadership and Resource Center offers space for women to host small meetings. Staff assist with topics such as sexual harassment and gender issues on campus. The center sponsors an annual women’s leadership program. 1101 West Taylor Street, Suite 310, Chicago, 60607, (312) 413-1025, wlrc.uic.edu.

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