December 1, 2010

AP Resource Spotlight

THE CAMPUS Advocacy Network (CAN) provides a team approach to advocacy in order to assist APs and others who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and hate crimes.

CAN IS committed to working together with survivors of violence even if no further action is taken. CAN works to realistically explore options and support persons’ attempts to access resources both on and off campus.

ADVOCACY MEANS that CAN assists in navigating processes. CAN outlines options and support by making phone calls, assisting with safety planning, coordinating different services, and/or accompanying you to appointments or court appearances.

CAN listens to you and validates your experiences so that you can heal. Although CAN does not provide counseling, it provides counseling referrals.

THE CAN team is trained to assist you if you wish to purse legal options in criminal or civil court.

SOMETIMES, THE services you need are not available on campus, or you may prefer to go off-campus for support. The CAN team has relationships with many resources in and around Chicago and can refer you to a place that best fits your needs.

THE CAMPUS Advocacy Network (CAN) is located in 802 University Hall, 601 S. Morgan St. Call (312) 413-8206; e-mail; or log on to

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