April 1, 2010

Profile: Jacqueline Berger

Jacqueline Berger.

WITH ALMOST 16 years of service at UIC, Jacqueline Berger has worked the past two-an-a-half years in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, currently as the Interim Director of Communications. Her career at UIC has allowed her the flexibility of working with different departments and people. She began in Student Affairs, working in Campus Programs for six years.

BERGER LOVES many aspects of her current position but enjoys most the “variety that my job offers because no day is the same” she said, noting that she also likes that she is able to work with people around campus.

THE DESIRE to work with a variety of people led her to become involved with APAC in the fall of 2006. At the time, she was elected as one of three AP representatives to the Senate; the AP Senators’ positions were new at the time. The monthly APAC meetings she attends as a Senator have helped her learn more about APAC. After being elected for a second and third term as Senator, she decided to also run for APAC, and she has been an official member of APAC since spring 2009.

ACCORDING TO Berger, APAC has “accomplished a lot over the past several years.” She is involved in the Building Community and Education Subcommittee. The committee has organized several events which reached capacity yet cost very little, something she is very proud of because APAC was able to reach many APs. “Education is one of the most important things that APAC does, so I am glad that we have been able to offer so many events across campus,” Berger said.

THE FUTURE for APAC is just as bright to Berger, who hopes to see APAC continue to expand its membership. “It's always good to see new faces and hear new ideas,” Berger said, explaining that any AP can serve on one of APAC’s sub-committees, as one does not need to be elected to serve on a committee-- a fact of which many APs might not be aware. Berger strongly believes that the more people participate, the better APAC is able to represent APs on campus.

OUTSIDE OF work, Berger loves to travel and actually took a one-year hiatus from UIC to backpack around the world. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Marc, and her 3-1/2-year-old son Owen, whether the event is riding bikes, going to the zoo, or exploring their neighborhood.

--Ivone DeJesus

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