February 1, 2011

APAC Hosts Open House

APAC HOSTED an open house on Feb. 9 in Student Center East, providing APs with information about what APAC does and how to get involved, as well as some refreshments. Dozens of APs braved the cold weather to learn more about APAC. The PowerPoint presented at the Open House is available here.

APAC Chair Michael Moss welcomes attendees.

Jacqueline Berger (center), an APAC Senate Representative, addresses the crowd.

Bill Bike explains the CAPE Award nomination process.

Sophia Magill talks about APAC’s role in employees mentoring other employees.

Jill Davis is both APAC Secretary and an APAC Senator.

Audience members listened attentively to speakers.

Participants enjoy the buffet after the APAC open house.

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