February 1, 2011

The Continuing Crisis

Legislators and pundits across the nation are attempting to
make public employees bear the brunt of tough fiscal choices.

PUBLIC-SECTOR squeeze: Public employees’ pensions become scapegoat for financial crisis. See Truthout, Jan. 31, available here.

DESPITE TAX hike, State still faces massive deficits. See Progress Report of Feb. 7, available here.

STATE BORROWING plan faces uncertain future. See Progress Report of Feb. 7, available here.

LAWMAKERS BEEF about our pensions again. See Chicago Tribune of Feb. 9, available here.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL TO cut our pensions, says Senate President John Cullterton. See Chicago Sun-Times of Feb. 10, available here.

HAVE NOTS tired of taking guff from the haves. See letter in the Springfield State Journal-Register, Feb. 11, avaiable here.

IT COULD be worse—we could be working in Wisconsin. See Feb. 12 New York Times, available here.

“CALLING OUT the Guard for the Class War” shows what’s happening to public sector employees just across the border in Wisconsin. See Balloon Juice of Feb. 12, available here.

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