July 1, 2011

'Meet the Budget Cuts' to Remember
Those Who Have Lost Jobs

MEET THE Budget Cuts will be an audio documentary that examines the impact of State budget cuts on the individuals who face them. It will collect and tell the stories of staff members at UIC who have lost their jobs as a result of the economic crisis. Once completed, the audio documentary will be showcased at http://MeetTheBudgetCuts.weebly.com. 

THE PURPOSE of Meet the Budget Cuts is to focus on the human impact of cuts to public universities, by recording and preserving the stories of people who have been affected by them. When discussing billion-dollar budgets, it is all too easy to forget that the numbers being tossed about refer to people—those who are fired as well as those who remain. The producers’ hope is that this documentary will humanize the financial discussion taking place at UIC and help listeners get to know the names behind the numbers. 

DR. MICHELLE BOYD, the project director, is a UIC faculty member in African American Studies and Political Science at UIC. Meet the Budget Cuts is her first audio documentary. The project assistant is Deana Lewis, a graduate student in UIC’s Educational Policy Studies department. Liz Thomson, project photographer, is the Assistant Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center at UIC. 

IF YOU are interested in being interviewed for this project or know someone else who might be, e-mail Dr. Boyd at mrboyd@uic.edu or Lewis at dlewis25@uic.edu.

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