July 1, 2011

Tricia Ransom Fights Uncertainty and Fear

Tricia Ransom.

By Ivone DeJesus

IN MID-JANUARY, Tricia Ransom began working at UIC as a visiting instructional designer at the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS). In her role, she designs and develops training for the different areas of OBFS – mainly for software systems such as iBuy and Banner.

ALTHOUGH AT UIC only for a short time, Ransom has worked with many people across campus. “I love to help people do their jobs better and with less stress,” she said. “Seeing someone who says ‘wow, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was. Thanks!’ gives me the biggest thrill ever.” 

HER INVOLVEMENT with APAC began when her boss suggested she attend an APAC open house and membership drive this past February. “I was impressed with everyone I met, and thought that the mission of APAC was critical given the challenges facing UIC and all the State universities,” she said.  Since then Ransom has not missed a meeting.  She is proud of the work APAC does in relation to facilitating communication between APs and other groups and entities such as the Chancellor’s office and Human Resources (for the Civil Service audit). 

“UNCERTAINTY BREEDS fear, and by fostering communication we are able to help APs gain needed information,” Ransom said. “They may not like what they are learning, but at least they have the knowledge they need to combat rumors, uncertainty, and fear.” 

RANSOM’S PASSION is helping people grow and develop professionally. Besides continuing the work APAC is doing, she would like to see APAC expand to provide APs with professional development opportunities.

RANSOM BELONGS to a University of Illinois family. Her aunt graduated with a BSW from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and her father received his BS, MS, and PhD from UIUC. In fact, he still works there. Her brother also spent several years as an AP working in Corporate Relations at UIUC.

RANSOM LIKES to learn new things. She has taken a French class, a photography class, an improv class, and even a waltz class. She is also teaching herself to knit. Since she lives about one block from the lake with her husband, Jimmy, they spend a lot of time riding their bikes there during the warmer months.

GET TO know Ransom better by attending the next APAC meeting.

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