May 15, 2012

Upcoming Days Are Key Concerning Pensions, Benefits

IN THE next few days or next week, elected officials in Springfield are going to consider proposed legislation concerning our pensions and benefits. Being considered, according to the University Senate:

1.) State Employees pay a higher percentage of a monthly salary into the pension fund;  2.) State contributions to the pension fund shift to the budgets of local governments and public universities/colleges;  3.) Cost of living increases curtailed or limited for pensioners; 4.) Increased costs for health care placed on pensioners (this legislation is waiting for Governor Patrick Quinn’s signature; see article below);  5.) Increase the age limit of when an employee can take a pension;  6.) Increase the burden of working after retirement -- in terms of reduced pensions or cost -- to the public university/college.

THE GOVERNOR has asked business leaders to back his pension reforms and pressure the General Assembly to pass them (see, while opposition is gearing up (see :

IN THE end, whatever happens this week or the next, if legislation is signed into law it is likely to be challenged in court.

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