May 15, 2012

APAC PROFILE: New APAC Member Ahlam Al-Kodmany Looks to Increase APAC Accomplishments

Ahlam Al-Kodmany is a
newly elected APAC member.
By Ivone De Jesus

AHLAM AL-KODMANY, PhD,, a newly elected APAC member, is the Director of Financial Operations at the Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) at the School of Public Health. Having been in this position for nine years, and at the University 23 years, Al-Kodmany says “no two days are alike.”

“THE PEOPLE at IHRP, from the investigators to the students, create a great environment to work in,” she said.

AL-KODMANY decided to get involved in APAC because she wanted to help make a difference in the work environment that “we as APs live in 8-to-12 hours a day,” she said.

WHILE SHE is new to serving on APAC, having been on board for two months, she is quite familiar with the work accomplished. “I’m proud of the high quality events sponsored by APAC the last few years, including sessions on SURS, the budget, retirement, and the Academic Restructuring Committee.”  Al-Kodmany added that the commitment of the APAC Executive Committee, its input into campus policy, and its outreach across the Chicago campuses and University as a whole, are inspiring. 

LOOKING FORWARD, she would like to see APAC achieve a few things, including influencing the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and the State Universities Civil Service System boards, noting, “UIC is not a one-size-policy-fits-all situation.”  Al-Kodmany hopes APAC can put forth policies to protect the rights of APs, including seniority, professional development and advancement, and salary. She strongly believes that a degreed workforce is imperative at the University of Illinois. 

AL-KODMANY encourages APAC members to attend monthly meetings and to volunteer on committees. She stated, “without your participation and assistance, it will be difficult to advance our goals quickly and efficiently.”  She also added that non-members should consider joining because “APAC is a wonderful organization to have your ideas heard, and our collective goals realized.” 

IN HER spare time, Al-Kodmany enjoys cooking and gardening as well as spending time with her family – her husband (and UIC faculty member) Professor Kheir Al-Kodmany and their four children Nur 10, Muhsen 9, Suendus 4, and Imran 1.

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