August 23, 2012


Editor’s Note: “The Continuing Crisis” is a section of APAC News which links to news pertinent to the state budget crisis and other financial matters as they affect the University and Academic Professionals. These news outlets are not affiliated with or endorsed by APAC.

FORMER JUDGE files suit against retiree insurance premiums. See State Journal-Register of July 9:

CHICAGO TRIBUNE takes U of I Trustees to task for paying large salaries to fired officials, July 9:,0,812902.story.

UIC, FACULTY union to begin collective bargaining. See UIC News, July 11:

RETIREMENT SPIKE in Illinois due to pension changes, said Inside Higher Ed July 16. See

PENSION CHANGES scare away potential public employees, said Progress Illinois July 16. See

SALARY INCREASES approved, says UIC News July 18. See

U.S. AUSTERITY empties student pockets, harms public universities, says Common Dreams July 19. See

EMPLOYEE RETIREMENTS on the rise, says UIC News, June 24:

UNIVERSITY DENIES it is attempting to break Urbana AP union, says News-Gazette of Aug. 2:

PSYCHOPATHS WANT to take our money, says Common Dreams, Aug. 3:

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