August 23, 2012

Berger Joins SURS Board of Trustees

Jacqueline Berger, new SURS Trustee.
THE STATE Universities Retirement System (SURS) Board of Trustees has added APAC member Jacqueline M. Berger, Director of Communications for the Vice Chancellor for Research, to the board. She is filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Fred Giertz.

BERGER ALSO is one of three APAC representatives to the University Senate.

THE SURS Board of Trustees comprises 11 members: four elected participating (active) SURS members, two elected annuitant (retired) SURS members, four members appointed by the Governor, and the chairperson, also appointed by the Governor and who serves as the chair of the Illinois State Board of Higher Education.

THE BOARD meets at least quarterly, and there are additional committee meetings throughout the year. Regular board meetings are scheduled in March, June, September, and December.

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