October 15, 2012

Dr. Marilyn Marshall New Assistant VP for Academic Affairs; Has Worked for AP Interests

Dr. Marilyn Marshall.
DR. MARILYN MARSHALL has been named Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Marshall has been very supportive of APs via her role with the University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (UPPAC), which serves the needs of APs and provides advice to the President of the University on behalf of APs.

DR. MARSHALL has an accomplished record of achievement in her tenure at the University of Illinois as Director of University Academic Programs and Services and as Director of University-wide Student Programs. In her new position, she will be responsible for all University-level academic programs and student affairs. As such she will work in close partnership with the three campuses.

IN ADDITION, Dr. Marshall will lead efforts with external constituents of the University of Illinois, such as the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Community College Board, on curricular alignment and articulation matters. She will serve as the University liaison with the Illinois Board of Higher Education, providing leadership regarding statewide policy for academic affairs. Additionally her office will seek to promote the innovation and impact of the University’s expanding activities in areas such as online education.

“MARILYN WAS of immense assistance to me during my two terms as chair of UPPAC,” said Gerald Burkhart, Director, Office of Electronic Media, University of Illinois-Springfield. “Her office provided staff support and Marilyn always saw that UPPAC received whatever was needed to carry out our mission. Her support for Academic Professionals through UPPAC has been outstanding and I congratulate her on this important appointment.”

“I HAVE enjoyed working with Marilyn within the context of UPPAC,” said Konstantinos Yfantis of Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “I believe that her extensive knowledge about our University and the positive attitude that she has been bringing to our meetings have helped generate an atmosphere conducive to collaboration among Academic Professionals of the University of Illinois system.”

“MARILYN HAS contributed to APs across all three of the UI campuses, but I would like to focus on how her contributions have benefitted UIC,” said Michael Moss, APAC Chair. “She has facilitated meetings with former President Michael Hogan and President Robert Easter, and helped provide a conduit for UIC APs to express our concerns to senior administration. She was actively engaged in developing the agenda and materials for these meetings, and helped us frame complex and sensitive issues into a format conducive to productive discussions. Marilyn has also been our point of contact for the AP representatives to the UI Board of Trustees meetings. She has helped ensure that each AP in attendance knows what to expect, and in many cases has personally met with them at the Trustees meetings to help answer any questions. I don’t think the work that Marilyn has done has always been visible to the APs on our campus, but I am hopeful they can appreciate her efforts the scenes.”

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