October 15, 2012

Successful Peer-to-Peer Learning Event Held

Managing Multiple Awards for a Principal Investigator (researcher) was the
subject of a recent joint APAC/Office of Grants and Contracts event.
APAC AND the Office of Grants & Contracts on Oct. 11 held a Peer-to-Peer Learning Event, “Managing Multiple Awards for a PI.” Best practices, tips, and questions related to managing multiple awards for a Principal Investigator were discussed.

PEER MODERATORS were Colleen Piersen of the College of Pharmacy and Ahlam Al-Kodmany of the Institute for Health Research & Policy. Both are APAC members. Grants & Contracts Representatives were Colleen Kehoe, Assistant Director; Ed Seighman, Assistant Director; and Mee Mee Lee-Choi, Associate Director.

MORE THAN 40 people attended—so many that the session was split into two groups.  “Ahlam and Colleen each ran one,” said Michael Moss, APAC Chair. “Both did outstanding.  The feedback we got from people after the event was very positive.  They both did a great job and deserve lots of thanks.”

OTHER PEER learning events will be held in the near future.

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