November 18, 2012

Six CAPE Awards Presented at Employee Recognition Awards Program and Ceremony

David Taeyaerts, Director, Campus Learning Environments, was congratulated
by Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares for receiving a CAPE Award.
THE ACADEMIC Professional Advisory Committee, through its Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Awards Subcommittee, is directly charged by Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares with the task of coordinating the nomination process. The CAPE Subcommittee reviews all nominations submitted, and provides the Chancellor with recommendations to help inform her choice of recipients. However, each CAPE winner is personally selected by the Chancellor herself.

THIS YEAR, the Chancellor decided to award six CAPEs, instead of the customary four. The awards were presented at the Employee Recognition Awards Program and Ceremony on Nov. 1. William S. Bike, CAPE Awards Subcommittee Chair, read the citations.

RECIPIENTS WERE Monica L. Carney, Director of Human Resources, Office of the Dean, College of Pharmacy; Jackie L. Finch, Interim Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Office of the Dean, School of Public Health; Mark R. Martell, Assistant Director, Office of Career Services; Sharon Ann Sanders, Assistant to the Head, Department of Public Administration; David Taeyaerts, Director, Campus Learning Environments; and Susan Teggatz, Director, Campus Housing.

ESTABLISHED in 1988, the CAPE Award recognizes the demonstrated excellence of Academic Professional staff, encourages their professional development, and indicates the institution’s high regard for the contributions of this key segment of the academic community.

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