May 7, 2015


Resources Available to Deal With Sexual Misconduct

UIC’s SEXUAL Misconduct Policy states that sexual misconduct is a violation of UIC’s values and policies and is a barrier to fulfilling the University’s educational, research, and service missions. Sexual misconduct is expressly prohibited and will not be tolerated at UIC.

UIC OFFERS assistance and intervention to survivors of sexual misconduct to support their continued progress at the University. UIC can provide a coordinated response that may include interim safety measures, academic accommodations, housing relocation, student conduct process, victim advocacy, respondent assistance, and counseling – regardless of whether criminal or Title IX investigations are pursued.

THE TITLE IX Coordinator in the Office for Access and Equity is responsible for investigating all reports of sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator, UIC Police, Campus Advocacy Network, the Office of the Dean of Students, Campus Housing, and the Counseling Center are the primary units that coordinate support services, victim assistance, and referrals for victims of sexual misconduct. The campus provides confidential places for members of the UIC community to receive support and advocacy.

THE UNIVERSITY imposes strict sanctions against those found responsible for sexual misconduct and assists survivors in the pursuit of administrative, civil, and legal remedies. Personal retaliation in connection with any possible sexual misconduct is prohibited.

TO CONTACT the UIC Police, call (312) 355-5555 for emergencies or (312) 996-2830 for non-emergencies.

CONTACT THE OAE Title IX Coordinator, Rebecca Gordon, at (312) 996-8670 or email to report sexual misconduct for investigation or to request faculty and staff training on Title IX.

TO TALK with someone confidentially about options -- faculty, staff or students can contact Andie Celerio at the Campus Advocacy Network at (312) 413-8206 or email

FOR CONFIDENTIAL counseling, contact Employee Assistance Service at (312) 996-3588 for faculty and staff.

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