May 7, 2015


Kimberly Mayfield.
Kimberly Mayfield Works to Protect Academic Professionals Through APAC
By Mary Voelker

KIMBERLY MAYFIELD, formerly known as Kimberly McGee before her recent marriage, has a vision for UIC’s Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC) and its goal of protecting and advancing the needs of University Academic Professionals and the University community as a whole.

MAYFIELD, WHO holds an MBA and is a Business Manager for UIC School of Public Health, Health Policy and Administration Division, has been with UIC for 12 years, and has served on the committee for approximately six months.  She has specific ideas on how APAC can make things better for Academic Professionals.  As a member of the Professional Development Subcommittee of APAC, she assists the team with developing ideas and hosting workshops designed to provide skills and information to improve the careers of Academic Professionals across campus.

“APAC TAKES the lead on a variety of situations affecting Academic Professionals on campus and works to ensure that issues are addressed and communicated.” Mayfield said.

FOR EXAMPLE, the movement to evaluate APs to see if their jobs should be converted to Civil Service is one area where APAC has moved forward to make sure the AP community knows its rights and because of APAC’s experience and knowledge of all facets of the University organization, she is confident the committee can make a difference.

HER PROFESSIONAL roles with APAC and the University at large are very important to her.

“I REALLY, enjoy working with the dedicated and hardworking people here at UIC,” Mayfield said. “Despite the fact there are so many challenges that lay ahead, I feel motivated to ensure that employees feel valued, respected, optimistic, and are equipped to handle the day to day issues we all face.”

MAYFIELD ADDED, “I enjoy spending quality time with close family and friends (including two granddaughters ages three and four from New Jersey who visit twice a year) reading, gardening, and a variety of other outdoor activities.”  She and her husband have recently decided to start bike riding when weather permits.

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