November 3, 2017

Tracy Sikorski Becomes APAC Chair

Tracy Sikorski is APAC Chair.
TRACY SIKORSKI, Director, Social Science Research, Liberal Arts and Sciences, has become Chair of APAC. She succeeds Colleen Piersen, Assistant Head for Administration, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, who had been Chair since early 2015. Piersen now is Vice Chair.

“I SEE my primary responsibility as Chair to set the tone and agenda for APAC for the next year,” Sikorski said. “I also am responsible for liaising with the Chancellor’s Office, Human Resources, and other campus officials on behalf of APs. I am also chair of UPPAC, the University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee, the organization that works to represent APs for all of the University of Illinois Campuses.”

IN HER new post, she said, “I hope to bring new solutions for Academic Professional issues such as the impact of job analysis and new professional development opportunities. I also hope we are able to bring in new members to APAC.”

ONE OF APAC’s biggest challenges, Sikorski said, “is how to best represent our current constituents while not alienating our former constituents who have been converted to Civil Service. We also have declining participation, as the AP employee class has declined and current members have more than their share of responsibilities on their plate.”

SIKORSKI noted that she does not “plan to make any changes to APAC, but if the committee members believe that changes are necessary, I think it is my responsibility to listen to them and discuss possibilities.”

SHE SEES her role “as a way to become more aware of what is happening on campus, and to specifically be able to advocate on behalf of APs during such an uncertain time in the higher education landscape. APs bring critical skills to their positions—skills that allow the campus to function efficiently and effectively and to be held in high regard by the higher education community. It is essential that we continue to invest in APs so we can continue to grow as a global, Research I university.”

WHEN NOT working at her UIC or APAC jobs, Sikorski is studying for a PhD. “I also attend my children’s cheer, running, baseball, and soccer events,” she said. “I have two sons and a daughter, a mini golden doodle named Ollie, and two kitties.”

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