March 22, 2011

APAC Profile

Margaret Moser.

Margaret Moser Looks to Increase AP Representation on Committees

By Ivone De Jesus

MARGARET MOSER is the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research. Serving in that post since November of 2006 and at UIC for a total of six years, Moser thinks the best part of her job is that she has the opportunity to see “the impact that our institution, the work that all of do each day, benefits our city, state, nation and world. We have an exciting, successful, impactful research enterprise at UIC.”

BEFORE UIC, Moser worked for Coca-Cola Enterprises for seven years in sales and management.

WHILE THIS is her first term as an APAC member, her involvement comes from an interest in networking and learning more about UIC. “Now I understand how important APAC is to our community,” she said. For Moser, this is evident through the event series that APAC hosts such as town halls, where APs can get current and accurate information on important issues. She is proud to have AP representation on important University search committees and that representatives are elected by the AP base on campus.

COMMUNICATION TO the AP community also is a very important function of APAC, and Moser is enthusiastic about the Communications team, noting, “this newsletter is award-winning." She is very pleased with the work the APAC Chair, Michael Moss, has done of advocating for several years the need to survey APs. Moser also thinks the weekly blast to the PACADEMY listserv on UIC-related news articles is a great tool for APs across campus.

THERE ARE many things about APAC that inspire Moser, and she would like to see APAC push for the representation of Academic Professionals on important campus committees, such as the Administrative Review and Restructuring Committees and the Implementation committees. “I am convinced that AP representatives--not just representatives who happen to be APs, but an individual positioned to represent APs--will enrich the discussion, improve communication with campus, and aid in the ultimate implementation of the recommendations,” Moser said.

SHE AND her husband, Charlie, are parents of the “coolest three-year-old on the planet.” The trio love Lincoln Park Zoo and the Nature Museum. In her spare time, she likes to make puzzles with her son, read books, and cover her home in “brightly colored and obnoxious-sounding little vehicles from the Disney Cars Movie”. Come out to the next APAC event, the April 13 APAC meeting in room 1152 of the Molecular Biology Research Building (MBRB) at 12:30 p.m. to learn more about Margaret Moser.

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