March 22, 2011

Marietta Giovannelli, Long-Time Member, Leaves APAC

Marietta Giovannelli (Center) with APAC Colleagues.

By Lucia Gonzalez

MARIETTA GIOVANNELLI, a long-time member of the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC), has decided to retire from the committee. She had been a member of APAC for over 12 years.

EARLIER IN her career with APAC, Giovannelli had served as a member of the Building Community Committee. Later, she co-chaired that committee with her colleague Cathy Foley-DiVittorio and eventually, Giovannelli became chair of that committee. Most recently, Giovannelli served as a member of the Building Community and Education Committee, as it is now called.

WHEN ASKED about APAC in her earlier days, she stated that the major problem she experienced was the lack of visibility for APAC in the past. Giovannelli explained, “When I joined APAC, I do not believe we had the visibility we now have. The present committee has worked hard to increase visibility.”

SHE ALSO was a driving force behind APAC earning University Senate representation. “During my early years while serving on APAC, having been a Graduate Student Senator, I thought it was important that APs have a voice on the Senate,” she said. “Together with Judy Cohen and Booker Suggs, I helped present our case to the Senate. The rest is history.” APAC was eventually awarded three Senate seats.

HER INVOLVEMENT with APAC has never been a burden, she noted. “I have never experienced problems with APAC. Recently, not being able to devote the time required to be an active and effective member has caused a problem,” noting that is why she decided to retire from APAC.

GIOVANNELLI SAID she hopes that APAC will be capable of gaining further outreach. “I would hope that the committee continues to work towards a recognition of APAC that reaches far and wide,” Giovannelli said.

GIOVANNELLI continues to serve UIC as Assistant to the Executive Director of the Council for Teacher Education and as Certification Officer for the University.

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