June 26, 2011

UIC HR Website as Resource for Job Analysis Updates and Information

By Maureen Parks, Executive Director and Associate Vice President of Human Resources, sent in an e-mail on June 3, 2011

AS MANY of you are aware, UIC is undertaking a major effort to analyze most Academic Professional positions at UIC. The goal is to define and document (via job descriptions) the work of Academic Professionals, which enables us to accomplish several critical objectives including determining if positions are appropriately categorized as Academic Professional or Civil Service.

THE PROCESS requires us to conduct interviews with Academic Professional job holders and their managers to collect information about the job duties performed, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to fulfill the role.

IT IS our intent to analyze the jobs for most AP’s in each college and unit on campus; and to date, more than 800 such interviews have been conducted. Some colleges and units are further along in the process than others. You may have already met with an HR staff member to conduct a job analysis for your role, you may be waiting to hear back on a final job description, or this may be the first time you are hearing of this. Regardless of where you are in the process, I encourage you to visit the “UIC Civil Service Audit and Job Analysis” section of the UIC HR website for valuable information on the process and its potential implications and effects.

WHETHER YOU feel you are well informed about the job analysis process or know little about it, a good first step is to review the FAQ section. The FAQs will provide you with excellent background information about why we are conducting job analysis and what you can expect as you begin the process. For even more detailed information, you can next consult the link titled “Campus Communications.” Here you will find links to presentations HR staff members have delivered to APs both before and after the job analysis process as well as copies of memos from senior leaders on campus. These presentations and memos contain information about the criticality of the process, the plan and methodology for the job interviews, timelines, and what you can expect if your job is converted to a Civil Service position. The links currently listed in this section can be found below:

6/01/2011 - AP – Civil Service Conversion Project – Group Meeting Slides
3/01/2011 - Job Analysis and Conversion
9/17/2010 - DDDH Communication - Civil Service Audit Requirement
8/31/2010 - Your Role in the UIC 2010 Civil Service Audit Process
8/30/2010 - Job Analysis for Academic Professionals – Post SUCSS Audit Compliance (PowerPoint)
8/19/2010 - Civil Service Overview, Meeting with the UIC Dean’s Council
11/17/2009 - Official Message from UIC Senior Leaders

IF, AFTER reviewing the material you continue to have questions, I encourage you to do any or all of the following:

  • Contact the HR representative who works for your college or unit for specific information related to job analysis and conversions for your particular College or Unit.
  • Check with the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC) about upcoming meetings that will be scheduled which will specifically discuss the job analysis process. I am working closely with APAC to disseminate information and I see them as a valuable partner in this process.
  • Send an email to jobanalysis@uic.edu. This email will be received by one of HR’s staff members who is familiar with the job analysis process. Your question will be routed to the appropriate individual and we will respond back to you.

I UNDERSTAND that the job analysis and conversions processes can be intimidating due to the uncertainty they bring and the questions they create. It has always been my intent to be transparent with you, your supervisors and the HR leaders across campus to lessen the anxiety that you may be feeling. I hope that this memo provides some guidance for you to get your questions answered.

SEE http://www.uic.edu/depts/hr/UIC_Civil_Service_Audit_Job_Analysis/.

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