February 25, 2013

APAC Elections Coming

PETITIONS TO run for a seat on the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC), or for the AP seat in the University Senate, are due Wednesday, March 13.

APAC REPRESENTS close to 4,000 Academic Professionals on campus and advises University Administration, reviews policy, represents APs on search committees, voices concerns regarding APs to the Chancellor, and plays an active role in professional development efforts at UIC. APAC is comprised of 15-to-18 APs, elected for a three-year term. Approximately one-third of the APAC seats are up for election this year.

SENATE AP representatives attend regular University Senate meetings and may also serve as AP representatives on Senate Committees. One AP Senator will be elected this year.

NOMINATION MATERIALS for APAC and Senate seats can be obtained by e-mailing Jennifer Rowan at jrowan@uic.edu. Complete the nomination petition, including a personal statement and the name and signature of ten endorsers who are APs. Fully completed petitions must be received by noon on Wednesday, March 13. Send your completed packet for the Senate to Jennifer Rowan, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, 310 AOB, MC 672. For information, e-mail jrowan@uic.edu. Send your completed packet for APAC to Ahlam Al-Kodmany, Institute for Health Research and Policy, MC 275. For information, e-mail ryyan@uic.edu.

ELECTION BALLOTS will be available on the APAC website (www.apac.uic.edu). 

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