February 25, 2013

Attendance at Campus-Sponsored Events Allowed

Among the benefits of working at a UIC is the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops.
AMONG THE benefits of working at a world-class research University is the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops moderated by some of the most renowned experts in their respective fields. Questions invariably arise regarding permitting employees to attend UIC-related events. Policy 805-03 covers employee attendance during work hours at UIC-sponsored events.

THOUGH MANY events are scheduled during lunchtime or after traditional work hours, other offerings occur during regular working hours. As a reminder, approval protocols have been outlined to allow members of the UIC community to attend events without interfering with the functioning of each unit. Policy 805-03 applies “to all UIC employees.”

THE POLICY specifically provides: “Employees may be released from work without loss of pay to attend such events and meetings whenever operations permit. As long as supervisors receive adequate notice of such approved events and meetings and coverage can be arranged, every effort should be made by departments to release employees to attend.”

EACH UNIT’S needs are unique, as are the interests of every staff member. Regardless of the event, department supervisors are responsible for determining if release time should be granted for any particular event. Employees should take care to obtain prior authorization to attend campus sponsored events. It is the supervisors, discretion to determine if attendance at a campus sponsored event is appropriate based on the operational needs of the unit.

YOU CAN read the entire policy on the UIC Human Resources website at http://www.uic.edu/depts/hr/relations/policies_procedures.shtml

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