September 30, 2011

Climate Survey Announced

President Michael Hogan has announced the first Climate Survey 
ever conducted at the University.

UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT Michael Hogan has announced the first multi-campus, University-wide Climate Survey ever conducted at the University of Illinois. 

THIS CENSUS survey, which will solicit responses from all staff, faculty, and students on each campus, will be conducted beginning Wednesday Oct., 26, with an invitation sent to your University e-mail account. This survey will build on earlier campus efforts to provide a benchmark for the University of Illinois to gauge perceptions and help administration respond to concerns of the campus community. “After the survey results are analyzed, the information gathered will be used to prioritize and implement necessary changes to improve climate,” Dr. Hogan said.

THE SURVEY has been developed with the assistance of the University of Illinois’ Survey Research Laboratory and a Climate Survey Advisory Group, which comprises staff and faculty from all three campuses and University administration. “The survey was developed with a broad approach to assessing climate,” Dr. Hogan said.

“CLIMATE IS the atmosphere of an organization as perceived by its members. An organization’s climate is reflected in its structures, policies, and practices; the demographics of its members; the attitudes and values of its members and leaders; and the quality of personal interactions. It includes perceptions of inclusiveness, friendliness, cooperation, professionalism, recognition, support, and opportunities for advancement.

IF YOU have questions about the Climate Survey, review the FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked questions. 

“A ROBUST response rate is necessary to gather meaningful data from the survey,” Dr. Hogan concluded. “Participation from all constituencies throughout the University is very important to the survey’s success. We rely on you to make your voice heard, to participate in this survey, and to shape the future of your University.”

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