September 30, 2011

UIC United Credits APAC
for Stopping Bad Legislation

An APAC petition is credited with stopping legislation that would have been harmful to UIC employees and retirees earlier this year, but the State Legislature (above) may re-examine the bills in October.

UIC UNITED President Merrill Gassman, in the Summer 2011 issue of the UIC United Newsletter, credited APAC with stopping legislation that would have harmed UIC employees concerning pensions and health benefits.

GASSMAN SAID, “thanks to the petition drive organized by Michael Moss and our colleagues in the UIC Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC), as well as the efforts of the member organizations of the Illinois Higher Education Legislative Coalition (HELC), we were able to forestall the passage of two bills that would have been deleterious to the interests of State annuitants.

“SB 512, which would have diminished the retirement benefits of current State employees, and SB 175, which would have imposed health insurance premiums on State annuitants, did not reach the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives for a vote in the regular spring session that ended on May 31,” Gassman said.

DESPITE THE fact that SB 512 was being championed by the two party leaders in the House, Rep. Michael Madigan (D) and Rep. Tom Cross (R), it was not called for a vote. Similarly, SB 175, led by Sen. Jeff Schoenberg (D), did not make it to the Senate floor.

SOME LEGISLATORS have threatened to attempt to resurrect these bills in late October, however.

UIC UNITED is the UIC chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association.

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