September 30, 2011


OBFS Introduces New Online Resource:
Orientation for New Business and Finance Employees

IN AN effort to better acclimatize new employees who have business and finance responsibilities, the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) introduced a new online resource, the Orientation for New Business and Finance Employees. This web page serves as a “getting started” point to introduce new employees to information and resources they will find helpful to fulfill their business and financial responsibilities.

THE RESOURCE, sponsored by OBFS leadership, was published on the OBFS Website on July 1 of this year. The content of this orientation was developed with input from OBFS customers across all campuses, including advisory teams consisting of business and finance employees from all organizational levels who provided suggestions and validated the development of information on the website.

“THIS HAS been a need expressed by our customers for a while and we are grateful to all those who contributed to make this resource possible,” said Mary Malcolm, orientation project team leader. She added that, “Although this resource was developed with the new business and finance employee in mind, it points to information useful to anyone in these roles."

YOU MAY ACCESS the orientation through the OBFS homepage (, under “Resources.” To support this initiative, additional web pages were developed in the “About OBFS” section of the OBFS homepage (, including OBFS Units, OBFS Leadership, and Roles and Responsibilities.

FEEDBACK FROM employees using the new resource is needed to continue its development. Already on the radar as possible next steps are the addition of information more specific to responsibilities of managers of business units, and development of a more comprehensive glossary of terms. If you would like to participate with your input, please send your comments or suggestions to:

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