November 1, 2010

APAC, CCSW Events Coming

THE BUILDING Community and Education Subcommittee (BCES) of APAC and the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW) will co-sponsor two events of interest to Academic Professionals.

THE SPEED Networking Event will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 9. It is aimed at bringing together APs interested in meeting their colleagues on campus, having a few minutes of one-on-one discussion to learn about what other APs are doing, and making new connections. An earlier Speed Networking Event was held on March 4, and was very popular. Time and location to be announced.

A CAREER Advancement/Professional Skill Building event will be held at a spring time, date, and location to be announced. APs are concerned about UIC’s lack of structured career advancement and the difficulties in obtaining promotions at UIC. The event will focus on career advancement and professional and personal skill building.

FOR MORE information, contact Laura E. Myers of BCES at

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