November 1, 2010

Senate Examining Proposed Reorganization

University President Michael Hogan would like to restructure University leadership.



THE UIC Senate is examining proposed changes to the University's administrative structure.

UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT Michael Hogan outlined his plan for restructuring university leadership at the Sept. 23 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

PROPOSED CHANGES include adding “vice president” to the titles of the three campus chancellors, creating the position of vice president for health affairs, and expanding the duties of the vice president for technology and economic development to include research.

HOGAN HAS asked senate leaders from all three campuses to weigh in on the plan. University trustees were scheduled to vote on the proposed changes at the board’s Thursday, Nov. 18, meeting in Chicago.  The UIC Senate, however, on Oct. 28 passed a motion asking the Board of Trustees to postpone their vote on consolidation and centralization.  

UIC SENATE Executive Committee members held a series of meetings for APs, faculty, and others to share their opinions, but they also invite comments to committee chair Dr. Philip Patston.

UNIVERSITY TRUSTEES do not need the approval of the three campus senates to move ahead with the proposed changes, but they are seeking their advice, Patston said.

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--Christy Levy and William S. Bike

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